About Us

‘Gondocarnes Entreposto De Carnes Lda renown slaughter house  and company that has been on the Portuguese market for several years. slaughter and production in Beef meat and cold meat plant in Sousa Portugal . On 1st April 2004 the company was taken over by Gondocarnes-Entreposto De Carnes Lda’s In the next years more investments were made, and the sale successes confirm the well-chosen strategy of company’s development. With baby steps they conquered a wider market, which forced them to make further investments. In 2012 ways of cattle slaughter have been updated and modernized with the possibility to choose traditional slaughter or ritual slaughter called halal. The meat freezers have been enlarged and the shipping process has been modernized. In 2013 also the way of pig slaughter has been updated, which allowed increase of productive capacity. Gondocarnes-Entreposto De Carnes Lda of cattle and pigs is continuously working to be the leader by modernizations and investments according to requirements of strict regulations and clients form the European Union.

Gondocarnes-entreposto De Carnes Lda slaughter capacity has expand to lamb slaughter